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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Foundation for Learning Henna Designs: Elemental Henna

Want to learn how to create henna designs?

I am here to help! All of our henna tattoo kits now come with a brand new instruction and design book called Elemental Henna.  this 40 page physical booklet is packed with clear instructions and fantastic henna designs.

Elemental Henna teaches the art of henna design by using the basic henna elements such as bumps, spirals, heart tops/bottoms, and zig zags. Designs are specifically made to focus on each basic element so you can get-to-know that henna element up-close and personal. Combining these easy-to-do henna elements is what creates beautiful henna designs.

All designs can be accomplished by the beginning henna artist and range from easy to moderately detailed. With over 90 henna designs to practice, Elemental Henna will help you build a solid artistic foundation.

Instruction include the basics of henna, henna safety, the science of henna, how to mix powder, storage and sealing, henna applicator bottles, festival tips, straining henna, and more!

This book comes standard with all our henna kits and can be purchased separately as well.

Elemental Henna is offered in eReader friendly eBook format too. The eBook allows you to use design pages in your personal Festival/Design Books or to use with transfer paper. It's also great to print out instructions on a flat sheet of paper.

The eBook version of Elemental Henna is available at a discount when you purchase any of our henna kits that come with the physical book. Add it to your henna kit for only .99!

Learn how to do henna easily!

Henna on!

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